• Since 1975 in the oil industry!
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We are a National Argentine Company recognized in the oil market with more than 45 years that we are dedicated to the manufacture and design of Embolo Diver Pumps of Single and Double effect from 30 to 300 HP, with their respective original spare parts located in Buenos Aires.
We have Operational Bases in the Province of Neuquén and Chubut supplying the Basin Operators.

The SIAM-ARCON Alternative Pumps are manufactured following the guidelines of the Standards:

• API 674





• WS

• ISO 9001, Versión 2008


SIAM-ARCON Alternative Pump

The SIAM-ARCON Alternative Pump has a wide variety of applications in oil wells, oil pipelines, oil service companies and industries that require continuous pumping.
The main applications are:

• Motor Oil Injection in hydraulic pumping systems.

• Sewage pumping.

• Water injection in secondary recovery system.

• Crude Oil Pumping in oil pipelines.

• Polymer Injection for Tertiary recovery.

• Injection of Chemical Products.

• On truck for oil services.

SIAM-ARCON, has a wide experience and knowledge about pumping systems. As a provider of capital goods and after-sales services, our goal is to provide our customers with effective and quality solutions. We constantly seek to improve and adapt to the local and international procedures of the oil sector with new demands.

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The success of our efforts is based on our commitment to quality and our experience

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Our leadership lies in the knowledge and commitment to our customers, trying to exceed expectations