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Pumps - D5x10P Duplex

It is an alternative plunger pump, horizontal, double acting, with integrated gears and features below.

SIAM-ARCON planned and developed this design following these premises:
• Attention in the suggestions of the Clients
• Attention in the guidelines of the Norms for this product
• Turn over the strength, reliability and high performance in this model.

Fluid End
Designed to have an optimal performance instead hardest work conditions, the fluid end endure pressure up 1175 PSI, its made of nodular casting for pumping of non corrosive liquid and in aluminium bronze for corrosive liquids.

Power Frame
Made of high resistance nodular casting, the power frame presents itself like a reinforced, solid and hermetic structure, capable to support the highest requirements. He’s design with multiples inspections lids, which allow a quick check of its mechanisms for easy maintenance.

Driving Shaft and pinion
Machined with great precision both the axle and the pinion, they are supported by bearings designed to face against the harshest conditions of service. Its manufacture in heat treated alloy steel guarantees the resistance of the mechanism.

Gear with Eccentrics
Made of high strength cast iron treated, with high precision helical carving, the gear is located in the middle of the eccentric stumps that rest on double row bearings designed for heavy duty ensuring long hours of service.

Connecting Rod’s
Made of high strength cast iron, they are connected to the eccentric gear through alloy bronze bushings with high wear resistance.

Cylinder Liners
With chromed interior surface. Available in different diameters and materials according to the operating conditions. They are fixed by a cap placed on the end of the hydraulic body.

Shock absorbers
The SIAM-ARCON D-50×10 pump is equipped with pulsation dampers for both suction and discharge, thus ensuring a better, more reliable and safe operation of your pumping system.

Pump Duplex 5x10 P