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AOG Expo 2017

We will be present at the Argentina Oil & Gas Expo which will be held at the La Rural exhibition center, displaying our products including our Double Effect D-5×10 Duplex Pump.

We have currently developed, in accordance with the API 674 regulations, a new Double Effect D-5×10 Duplex Pump model, with integrated gears.

With a 10″ stroke length for pistons of 3″ to 5″, this pump can deliver hydraulic power of up to 120 HP, 1480 m³/day and a maximum pressure of 125kg/cm². This new model is already operational at fields with continuous services and features required by the market.

The Motor Body is built in a high-resistance cast that can perform at the highest levels. Its design includes multiple inspection caps enabling a quick inspection of the mechanisms for an easy maintenance.

The Hydraulic Body was designed for optimal performance facing the hardest operative conditions, built in a nodular cast for pumping non corrosive liquids and in a Bronze-Aluminum alloy, following ASTM standards for corrosive liquids.

The Entrance Axis and Sprocket are mechanised with great precision; they are supported by projected bearings to perform in the toughest conditions of service. They have been manufactured in a steel alloy with thermic treatment that can guarantee the resistance of the mechanism.

With the D-5X10P model installed in the market, our engineers and technicians are currently developing different models of Reciprocating Pumps in order to meet the growing demand of an increasingly challenging fluid pumps market.